Miscellaneous parts



U-Bolt Flip Kit

This kit allows the user to run their u-bolts from the bottom up. This means no low hanging bolts to get hung up when you're off roading. Laser cut and CNC bent bash plates. Sold as a pair.
Regular price $130.00

2 Pin Spanner Wrench - ALL ICON Coilover Shocks

This 2 Pin Spanner Wrench is a must to adjust your ICON Coil-over Shocks. The Two Pin deisgn makes it easier to adjust no matter how much room you have to insert the wrench.
Regular price $29.35

Quick Release Fire Extinguisher Mount

Mount a fire extinguisher in or on your vehicle with two bolts or two hose clamps.
Regular price $50.00

Tri Flow heim/ uniball lube

With heims and uniballs you want to make sure you use the right lube and not a grease that attracts dirt. Tri-Flow Superior Lubricant is a superior, light viscosity lube that allows for deep penetration into hard to reach moving parts. 
Regular price $8.50

Radflo C-Spanner Wrench

Adjust your Radflo coil-overs with ease with the Radflo adjustable C-Spanner Wrench. This coilover adjustment tool allows for easy adjustment of ride height on your coil-over shocks and is built to withstand years of use. This Radflo spanner wrench will fit all Radflo Coil-Overs which makes it a ...
Regular price $18.75

Heim dust cover

Great way to keep the dirt and mud off your heims and extend their life.

Hydra Jac

If you’ve ever tried to change a tire off-road using an ordinary jack, you know how frustrating and even dangerous the exercise can be. The emergency jack supplied with your vehicle is useless if you have a suspension lift. And that old-fashioned cast iron jack that you’ve been lugging around is ...

Rock light kit

Penton Lighting 8 x LED Rock Lights (RGB),Extension cables attached on LED rock lights 1x Bluetooth control box Necessary mounting hardware like bolts included

Shock rebuilding

If you have a shock that needs a rebuild, look no further. Here at CJD Racing we can take care of your needs. Most any brand or size. Pricing starts at $125 per shock and goes up from there. Contact us for more info. Return shipping extra
Regular price $125.00

Long Travel 4 Link Bars

DOM tubing and steel plate. 59" long. Comes with all hardware. Setup for coilovers and bypass shocks. Comes powder coated black.
Regular price $950.00