Miscellaneous parts



U-Bolt Flip Kit

This kit allows the user to run their u-bolts from the bottom up. This means no low hanging bolts to get hung up when you're off roading. Laser cut and CNC bent bash plates. Sold as a pair.
Regular price $143.00

Quick Release Fire Extinguisher Mount

Mount a fire extinguisher in or on your vehicle with two bolts or two hose clamps.
Regular price $55.00

Tri Flow heim/ uniball lube

With heims and uniballs you want to make sure you use the right lube and not a grease that attracts dirt. Tri-Flow Superior Lubricant is a superior, light viscosity lube that allows for deep penetration into hard to reach moving parts. 
Regular price $8.50

Radflo C-Spanner Wrench

Adjust your Radflo coil-overs with ease with the Radflo adjustable C-Spanner Wrench. This coilover adjustment tool allows for easy adjustment of ride height on your coil-over shocks and is built to withstand years of use. This Radflo spanner wrench will fit all Radflo Coil-Overs which makes it a ...
Regular price $18.75

Heim dust cover

Great way to keep the dirt and mud off your heims and extend their life.

Hydra Jac

If you’ve ever tried to change a tire off-road using an ordinary jack, you know how frustrating and even dangerous the exercise can be. The emergency jack supplied with your vehicle is useless if you have a suspension lift. And that old-fashioned cast iron jack that you’ve been lugging around is ...

Shock rebuilding

If you have a shock that needs a rebuild, look no further. Here at CJD Racing we can take care of your needs. Most any brand or size. Pricing starts at $125 per shock and goes up from there. Contact us for more info. Return shipping extra
Regular price $135.00

Long Travel 4 Link Bars

DOM tubing and steel plate. 59" long. Comes with all hardware. Setup for coilovers and bypass shocks. Comes powder coated black.
Regular price $1,045.00

Icon Suspension Delta Joint Retrofit Kit for 1" Upper Control Arms

Retrofit kits include a pair of Delta Joints, retaining rings, and a supply of anti-seize Patent pending Delta Joint combines the durability of a ball joint with the performance characteristics of a traditional uniball Sealed design and zinc plated housing protects Delta Joint from the elements, ...
Regular price $279.95

9/16" hole weld washer

Weld on washers are for reinforcing mounting locations, such as shock mounts. These washers can prevent elongation of bolt holes by strengthening the area around the bolt hole. It also provides more surface area that is in contact with the bolt. Available in several sizes. Sold individually.
Regular price $4.95

1" uniball

Stainless Steel Series spherical bearings are a precision grade spherical bearing. Each bearing is made from Stainless Steel with a PTFE liner and has tighter tolerances than traditional spherical bearings.
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Toyota 4Runner water tank

25 gallon auxiliary water tank. This tank bolts up to the existing holes on the frame. Bolts into spare tire area. This tanks comes with AN fittings welded to the tank for easy plumbing. Fittings for fill, flow, breather and sight gauge. Tank is made from aluminum sheet and has internal baffles f...
Regular price $1,375.00