Rear wing light bar mounts

This kit is setup for the rear of you Nissan Titan to be able to run a 40" chase light bar. The mounts are made from 5051 aluminum plate. The side wings do require drilling into the cab for mounting. The kit comes with self sealing bolts. Whats included: 2 - side wing mounts 1 - 3rd brake light b...

U-Con 2.0 PDM Relay Switch Panel

Control up to (6) accessories with our U-Con 2.0 Switch Panel. Plug & Play, easy to install setup Comes with: Switch Panel, Relay Box, Plug & Play Wiring Harness, Trigger Wires, Mounting Brackets, Lifetime Warranty 
Regular price $300.00

LED Pod Lens Cover

These protective lens covers clip onto the light and change the light output to the corresponding color. *Pods sold separately These covers will fit: G3D Pods G3 Pods A-Pods USF Pods Amber Pods Any standard pod
Regular price $4.99

LED Bar Cover

Clip on cover Fits: Riot Bar, G2 Bar, G3D Bar, G3 Bar, G4D Bar Comes in either 6" or 8" Length Mix and match to accommodate any size LED Bar Sold individually
Regular price $4.99

Offroad Light Relay Harness

40 amp relay harness Complete plug and play Comes with relay, fuse and switch. Single ATP is a single harness to wire (1) light Dual DT is a dual harness to wire (2) lights
Regular price $24.99

Remote Relay Harness

urn your LED Bar or Pods on with a wireless remote control This harness also has (2) different strobe patterns built into it  
Regular price $49.99

LED Bar Tamper Proof Bolts

Protect your LED Bar with a set of our tamper proof LED Bar Bolts. This package includes (2) Tamper Proof 8mm Bolts and a key for the bolts. These bolts will replace the (2) side bolts on each side of our Riot Bars, G2 Bars, G3 Bars, or G3D Bars. *We cannot guarantee 100% theft protection, but w...
Regular price $19.99

Amber G4D Flush Mount LED Pod

20 Watts 2500 Lumens Introductory Price Does not come with wiring harness
Regular price $44.99

Dual Color Amber / White LED Pod

Dual color Amber & White LED Pod Pods have the following functions: -Solid White -Solid Amber -White Strobe -Amber Strobe These pods are a standard 12v+ wire and a ground. Each time you turn the switch on it will automatically change to the next function  Sold individually and come with our ...
Regular price $49.99

G3-XL Series 45w LED Pod

The combination of 5w Osram LED Chips and 4D Reflectors result in an extreme amount of light output. These pods also come with stainless steel dual mounting brackets. We suggest these pods for high speed applications   Our G3-XL LED Pods put out 5625 Lumens each Our G3 LED Pods are 45 watts resu...
Regular price $99.99

Compact Flush Mount LED Pod

These mini flush mounts are designed to fit into a tight application where a standard size flush mount will not fit. 4" x 2" mounting plate. Only 10 watts resulting in .8a each @ 12v. Flood Beam Pattern. Our compact flush mounts are rated at 1200 lumens each! Sold individually.
Regular price $39.99

GeD Flush Mount LED Pod

20 Watts 5w Osram LED Chips 2500 Lumens ~ 3" x 3" x 3" Sold Individually Lifetime Warranty Wiring harness not included
Regular price $44.99