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CJD Racing

Titan/ Armada 2WD 4" Spindle Lift Kit

Titan/ Armada 2WD 4" Spindle Lift Kit

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Fully CAD designed 4” lift spindles. Vertical 1” uniball in spindle for upper arm mount. Boxed UCA. This kit allows for increased wheel travel. Comes with heim outer steering. When paired with a lift coilover, this kit is capable of 6” of lift. This kit will increase the track width 1” per side due to hub placement. This kit is the best way to get lift yet retain the factory ride.
Lift: 4”
Minimum Rim Size: 17”
Maximum Tire Size: 35”
Track Width: 1” Wider per Side

What's Included:
Lift Spindles
Boxed UCA
Billet Heim Steering
DOT Stainless Braided Brake Lines
Stainless Misalignments
Grade 8 Hardware
All Needed Heims and Uniballs

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