Frontier 6" Bracket Lift Replacement Spindles


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This spindle is meant to replace the existing spindle that comes with a 6" bracket lift. This spindle is fully fabricated and CAD designed. Designed for corrected steering position to help bump steer. No more shock contact due to steering arm position. Comes complete with full heim steering. This is a great upgrade for those that wheel with their bracket lifts. Built to order.

Note: With stock length control arms, this spindle will not work with 2.5" coilovers, only 2.0. Titan swap length works with both 2.0" and 2.5" coilovers

Specs: Lift: 6”

Minimum Rim Size: 16”


What's Included: Spindles

Billet Full Heim Steering

Grade 8 Hardware

Stainless Misalignments

All Needed Heims

Black Powder Coat