2005+ 2.5″ Nissan Frontier / Navara Ultra Performance Shock System

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The 2.5″ Performance system is the pinnacle in both performance and ride quality. The larger shock diameter allows for more oil flow through the piston which in turn delivers better dampening and cooling. These shocks are built to the same tolerances and quality as our race proven off road shocks and bolt right on your vehicle. The front coil-overs are adjustable up to 2.5″ inches of lift height and allow fitment of larger tires. Both front and rear shocks are custom valved for the Frontier / Navara.  Front coil-overs are available in standard OE replacement length and extended for use with aftermarket upper control arms.  Remote reservoirs and 26 setting compression adjusters come on both front and rear shocks for the ultimate in adjustability.

Because all shocks wear out eventually, we designed every single component to be easily serviced or replaced. Even the individual valve shims can be changed to fine-tune damping performance. Our highly experienced technicians can perform these services, or you can service the shocks yourself for immediate results.