Nissan Frontier



2005+ Nissan Frontier / Navara 2.5″ Rear Shocks

Give your 2005+ Nissan Frontier / Navara the best of the best with the Radflo 2.5″ diameter rear shocks.  Valving is customized to offer you incredible ride quality and performance.  These shocks are completely re-buildable and are the last shocks you will ever have to buy.  The shocks come with ...
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2005+ 2.0″ Nissan Frontier / Navara Performance Shock System

The Radflo entry level system is the perfect budget friendly kit for the 2005+ Nissan Frontier and Navara. Both the front and rear shocks are custom valved for the vehicle and offer a huge improvement in ride quality and performance on or off the road. The front coil-overs are adjustable up to 2....

2005+ 2.0″ Nissan Frontier / Navara Performance Shock System For Li...

Purchased a lift kit for your Frontier / Navara and disappointed in the ride quality and performance?  Now you can remove your factory coil-over and lift kit spacer and install a custom length Radflo 2.0″ coil-over.  The increased ride quality and performance will amaze you as your truck soaks up...

2005+ 2.5″ Nissan Frontier / Navara Ultra Performance Shock System

The 2.5″ Performance system is the pinnacle in both performance and ride quality. The larger shock diameter allows for more oil flow through the piston which in turn delivers better dampening and cooling. These shocks are built to the same tolerances and quality as our race proven off road shocks...
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